FAA Knowledge Testing

The FAA testing center is OPEN for limited access testing. Please use the links below to register. First come, first served!

Maine Instrument Flight FAA Knowledge Testing area.

Approved for FAA Knowledge Tests!

We start tests Tuesday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

  1. Temperatures will be taken when the testing candidate arrives at the site. Maine Instrument Flight employees are temperature tested upon arrival at work.
  2. The testing candidate will either thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water or use the provided hand sanitizer prior to entering the testing center.
  3. Masks are required in all public areas and gloves are optional. They can be used for the comfort of the testing candidates while in the testing center.
  4. Only two (2) testing candidates are allowed in the testing center at any time.
  5. Individual testing stations have been repositioned to allow for maximum social distancing.
  6. Each individual testing station is cleaned and sanitized before and after each test by Maine Instrument Flight testing proctors.

Before you schedule your test you must first go to IACRA, create an account, and obtain your FTN (FAA Tracking Number):

After you have obtained your FTN, you can sign up to take your test here:

You can also login to the above site to take practice tests!

If you have any questions please call Maine Instrument Flight at:

(888) MIF-FLYS or (207) 622-1211.